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16 years experience in Industrial Rope Access market. The technicians of our company know the solutions that help you save what matters most - your time and money. No matter the altitude or hard-to-reach location: we'll help you!

We are contemporary and professional Industrial Rope Access specialists. To ensure long-term cooperation with our customers, we pay great attention to the quality of services provided by the company. Employees are constantly improving their skills to ensure the quality of services. We fully understand the needs of our customers and adapt to different conditions.

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Wind turbine service

Company’s specialists carry out all types of wind turbine repair and maintenance works. The company has a full suite of GWO certifications that allows us to perform offshore operations…

Anti-corrosion painting at height

The company’s anti-corrosion paint specialists work with many world-renowned paint manufacturers, so we can offer you the most efficient and appropriate solution…

aukštalipiai Stiklo paketų keitimas
Replacement of insulating glass units

The architectural wonders of today become a real pain for the companies that maintain them. The modern facade of the building is characterized by sophisticated…

Installation of structures at height

Specialists of our company perform installation and dismantling of complex structures at height. Often high-altitude roads intersect with the dismantling of old and …


Customers often wonder what the rope access can do. It is believed that the ropes can easily move up and down outside the building. However, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, rope access is a multifunctional technique that can be used in a variety of ways, such as wind turbine inspections and indoors. 

Using rope access techniques, the Inspection & Rope Access Specialists team was able to perform a wide variety of height work at many locations offshore and onshore, which otherwise would be difficult to achieve with standard equipment.