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Elevator inspections are required every year when choosing rope access. You can be sure that qualified and in-depth inspections will be carried out and all repairs carried out safely. Other hard-to-reach areas include industrial chimneys, offshore installations, building surveys and repairs of any size or shape.

All employees are trained and qualified by the IRATA Industrial Trade Association. IRATA has been in operation for over 20 years and has proven that ropes can be accessed through the most difficult locations. It is also much less intrusive than scaffolding or cherry pickers, meaning less chance of damaging your buildings or structures.

We can inspect, repair and clean hard-to-reach areas using our access rope methods. You can be sure that your work will be done efficiently and economically.

You will find specialized rope crews that can go anywhere. Up or down the sides of buildings, in or around lift shafts and chimneys. Once the rope crew has determined the correct anchorage point, it is easy to get into difficult areas such as depressions or areas that protrude from the sides of buildings or structures. Rope access is the most environmentally friendly means of inspection and repair so you can be confident of getting professional work from our teams.

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